"Glass Hair"

The New Sharp And Shiny Hair Trend.

by Monica P. Watkins

This new hair trend is everywhere on instagram. Even the Today Show was talking about it.

So what is Glass Hair? Well, it is not glass being magically intertwined with your hair follicles. Glass hair is extremely smooth, soft and shiny, so the hair resembles a glass finish. It has high-shine, dimensional color that is reflective when light hits it. 

To achieve this look you will need a Gloss Treatment, Precision Cut and Blow Out.

 A clear gloss treatment will help seal the cuticle and create shine. Precision cut needs to be extremely clean almost one length or a diagonal forward. Blow out needs to be washed well and prepped with a heat protectant then dried thoroughly, flat iron and lightly coat hair with anti frizz and shine serum.