Fine Hair? Lets Make it Look Fuller!

Styling How to With Round Brush - Let's Take Control of The Intimidating Round Brush.

Written By Monica P. Watkins

There are steps you must take to achieve your transformation. I know learning to blowout is not an easy task. But once you repeat these steps you will have amazing results!


#1. - Wash and condition your hair with volumizing shampoo & conditioner. Choose wisely! You do not want a product that will weigh down your hair. 

#2. - Styling Products are so important to boost body. Use a thickening spray at the root and lightweight volume mousse distribute throughout wet hair using a wide tooth comb or flat brush.

#3 -  Rough dry your hair. To rough dry your hair you simply flip your head upside down and with your hand toss your hair with the blow dryer aiming at the roots then work your way to the ends. (This gives your hair volume and helps the hair to stand up on your head.) Once hair is 70% dry bring your head up and let your hair fall naturally and move to your prefered parting. With a large tooth comb gently comb through.

#4 -  Section your hair. Sectioning is most important to control the hair your working with. Starting at the crown section off hair in 4 large sections.( comb down form crown to nape and from crown to behind ears.)  Now firmly (Control & Clip) take med- large sections roll hair around two fingers and clip your hair at the ends, keeping hair at root straight up. 

#5 - Round Brush.  The round brush you choose depends on the length of your hair. For short hair medium barrel brush 2 inch -3 inch brush. Long hair large barrel 4 inch or larger brush.

Starting at the nape of your neck unclip a section at a time (hold firmly) inserting round brush under the section and pulling upwards away from shoulders. Slow And Steady!! Make sure to dry the root area thoroughly by sliding with the brush, all the way through roots to ends.

#6 -  Set your look. Let hair cool before adding product. You may run a large brush (dense preferably) through your hair to set it how you prefer. You may flip your hair upside down once more if needed. Then add a shine or texture spray.

Avoid heavy oils and pastes!

You've Got This!!