10 Styling Tricks To Get You Through Rainy Days

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  Rain Rain Go Away!

1. Moisture - avoid it at all costs.

 “Once you have damp or wet hair, your style is gone it will collapse and you’ll be stuck with that flat shape all day."

 Limit your time outside, as well as your time in the rain.

2. Dry your hair And dry it properly. Before you step out the door.

 Leave no strand damp unless you want frizz.

3. Go easy on the product.

 Use your products sparingly. Do not over do it! Products act differently in humid climates.

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4. Use sea salt spray. It"s like fighting water with water. I recommend R+Co RockAWay.

5. Now is the time for top knots.

 In the rain, the top knot is a go-to. You can't ruin it, perfect with flyways.

6.  straightening / Flat iron — even if you usually don’t.

 An iron will be your friend today.

7. Curl your hair before the weather does.

 If you know your hair is going to wave no matter what, set your curls before You leave the house. You will be less susceptible to frizz.

8. No messy braids! Keep your braids sleek and smooth.

 A braid is going to be another winner on a rainy day. Stick to something clean and polished,

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9. The curlier your hair, the tighter your braid should be.

 If your hair is curly or frizzy, keep your style extra tight, to hold those curls in place.

10. Avoid brushes and choose a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

 If you find yourself wet. knotted, and upset. Back away from your hair brush, bristle brush, & fine tooth comb. Use a wide - tooth comb!!

Good luck out there.


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